Monday, March 17

Gosh, I haven't been on here in like ... FOREVER

Happy nearly spring. What a crappy, hard knocks winter. I've turned into a bitch and I'm not even up north where I know people I love and miss are cold and aching and dry and tired and working, working, working. Strip come the sun, my friends. Peel it off!

Your stories will be better than anyone anywhere else. Write them down quick before all the snow melts.

My life isn't what I wished for. Nothing close. That statement about being careful what you wish for couldn't be more of a lie in fact. Phooey! Most I can see of myself is that I think I may make it to die okay. There's a house to finally have (to walk inside and drop a bag and sigh deeply in relief because I have a space I belong in; that kind of a thing), and working to pay that off, with beneificaries on this and that (did I spell that wrong? oops!), and that's it. I'd like to have a house to leave to someone.

I am convinced that when I have such a perch I will write the big, fat book. No rush.

Finger's crossed my 140 character poem get's picked up for the anthology. I did win first place for a DRAFT of a poem, "When We Are Old", at the Pamlico Writers Conference, and my poem "What Will Sit You Down" received honorable mention. Was a neat day. I made a prompt friend. (that has two meanings.) There's my poem "July 1973" coming out in the July online issue of the Blue Lake Review. I have more. So, there I go.

Monday, December 9

I about forgot I'm still on here

Finally cracked a low temp in podunk I burned a log in the fire and I discovered Skeeter is a fireside pooch. The one thing to like and the rest has been delay, delay, clobber, clobber. Been struggling at Biblical proportions the calammity (of spelling errors) but of being lied to. I want an attorney to talk to. Food, drinks, the law. hirers get away with too much. simple. Get me out.

for now, a wee bit of really orange warmth....


Sunday, August 25

WhereZ Gina?


I wish this weren't so dark but as things come slowly to me I remain reliant upon a cell mobile phone to take pictures and moving images. Skeeter is my second dog to not really know my name but I finally caught something of it. We hope you like it. 

Saturday, June 15

exciting times (not very) but gardening all the same

In trying to approach life as though I am lucky, I present the garden and its harvest. I am lucky to garden, to have more green beans than one person can eat, to have the start of yellow cherry tomatoes (funny), to have one strawberry. There's a rabbit it seems that is feasting on the strawberries and it leaves the gardeners one. This one here would have been my third from the plant except the critter got the berry before me. Never leave a strawberry on the vine for it to redden too deeply. I feel lucky for that lesson.

Lima Bean Pod

Watermelon watered and reaching

tomatoes up the wazoo

today's harvest

Half a duffle bag of beans

A dog seconds from lying down for a doze

Washing the beans on the patio
The whole bunch