Wednesday, May 19


Lovely afternoon today, walking Bea Bea through what remains of the forest. The tree here, a walnut, is one we stop at and Bea Bea lies in the shade. Not sure how old the tree is, but it has weathered years. I've hugged this tree and witnessed Bea Bea turning jealous, as though to say, "why not me?" But not today. Today, she lay in the shade resting off what has been a storm she has weathered. To the vet in the morning, a sample, and onto even brighter days. She's getting better, drier, still bundled in organic disposables, but comfortable now at rest on her pillow.


  1. oh that is a beautiful picture and vision of a peaceful day Gina.
    I am picturing beabea in my mind of laying by the shade of the tree, in pure dog fashion, life is good, ....xo

  2. thank you, Grace. You've helped me out here incredibly so. sigh. relief, relief.

    time for sleep.

  3. 'nite Gina, sleep well. Life and blogger is good xox
    anytime my friend......

  4. Nice to see you here. It's been a long time. You are inspiring me to open up again over on my blogger site. Happy to hear beabea is a bit better.

    Be lucky!

  5. Oh Paul,

    I wish I could log on to your blog but there's no invite ;-). you be lucky and Grace, too!

  6. my Blog currently has an audience on one (me) but I will open it soon, Gina. Happy Saturday.