Monday, January 17

Cloudberry Preserves

The blurriest picture, to it and to all, I apologize for taking. I do not have a camera and I doubt I will ever afford one no matter how much more popular cameras become. Anything made popular is a sure gimmick. I remember Walkman and living in Boston when women wore shoulder pads in their blazers and they wore skirts with hose and tennis shoes. Everyone (not just women) had a Walkman except for me. I could not afford one. But to say "except for me" is presumptuous. I don't believe anyone in Roxbury MA had a Walkman but I hope the people there did.

The blurry picture here is of a jar of preserves dear friends gave me as a gift for the holidays. They know that a dear (my dearest) friend lives in Sweden and, well, they saw this jar of jam in a shop and I suppose they experienced, as I've been known to, a pang related to not being able to walk straight (as in, head held high) again if a thing wasn't purchased for the person one was reminded of upon seeing the thing
What I know about Cloudberries: these are pale, bog-grown, berries. The drawing on the front of the jar makes the cloudberry appear akin to the raspberry except the berries are gold or even pink-gold. The berries grow in Canada, Sweden and somewhere else, and great news is that jars of preserves are available on Amazon



  1. ooh, available on Amazon! I am finding everything you need is on Amazon. B).

    Oh my! shoulder pads, I remember having suit jackets with them, and yes, walking to the office in my "tennies" and hose. I used to work in an office environment, for years, and had to wear the office wear, skirt and jacket, women's version of the man's suit. wow, that's was a few years back. I absolutely despise hose. Will never wear it again, ever. Miss the salary though :sigh:.

    Anyhoo, thanks for the memories and the news on where to get ahold of those yummy berries.

  2. Just dropping to say hi and to send hugs.

  3. We have a traditional dish that is called bread cheese or Finnish squeaky cheese (picture:

    It's made of cow milk, and it's baked or grilled. In a way it's similar to the Greek halloumi cheese but not as salty. The one and only proper way of serving it is with cloudberry preserve or cloudberries, with the cheese heated just enough so that it begins to melt. It is heavenly.

  4. One word: yum.

    I had a walkman from Aiwa with a sound equalizer built-in on the side to really kick the bass when I wanted to. I kept it even when the door's screen broke off and ran it into the ground. Some women still do the skirt/hose/tennis shoe thing. I wear my walking trainers when I do my long power walks to school, even if it looks a bit silly with the summer dresses. Better that than a foot injury.