Monday, January 3

new year post

Could be a tradition "bite the hand that feeds you" but under a different light I had kissed Bea Bea and following the kiss I was attempting to raise her head for us to appear in a picture together. Appears as though I am slapping her, but fear not: my tale is true.

Grateful, I am, she is here in 2011. She had a rough eleventh year and now that she is twelve years old, the year began with a bang for her in the form of a seizure New Years Day. Bea can only go up from there, I feel. And for all of you!!!

Up! Up you go!!! Forth...ahead...proceed not as you were but as you are to become. For me I accept my past nightmares for what they were and I intend to proceed as though this life is all a dream and in the dream I receive as I give without ever giving to receive. Such as a dare, I dare for our dreams to go up.


  1. Yes, proceed not as you were but as you are to become. Sums it all up beautifully.

    I have a great new magnet on my fridge, given to me as a birthday gift from my sister: wag more, bark less. Onward and upward.


  2. Oh, AM... I have a sticker says the same.

    And VP well...I will try to email later today. Definitely in the week. THANK YOU although my thanks flies into the ether for yourself in staying true.

    I might actually take this post (yours) down because your email is in it. hmmm. dilemma. I am being careful! xo

  3. I have no doubt you and Bea were playing, or just having fun!! Sorry to hear she had a seizure, I hope there are not any more and she is feeling herself now.

    Beautiful post for the new year, things can only go up. and dreams ...that's there direction...up :).


  4. Anne-Marie oops, I was referring to Vally P. She had left a post and she included her e-mail address in it. I was being extra careful. Was a lovely post...I will miss her here but e-mail is neat!

    Grace first day out my neck is sore from all the looking up ;-) Bea has been okay, funny, chatty. yeah!!!

  5. So Bea Bea was NOT in a photogenic mood? :-)

    Upwards and onwards indeed! Hope 2011 will be a tremendous year both for you and for Bea! xo