Tuesday, February 1

snow brings freedom (perhaps)

Well. well. I am struck by the storm here, how all consuming its position of its noise makers and how silent its interiors. I remember years ago when I was freer. Such flight in a day off work because of a blizzard that will ensure potholes do not get filled in the warmer months, and bleed this anemic State into the false smiles and indigestion that only fear and insincerity can summons didn't bat my eyes (then).

Sorry for all the styly script. I recall freer days. Don't you?

1 comment:

  1. Oh, absolutely, I recall those days. Like the days in school, listening to the small transistor radio in the kitchen, just hoping and wishing they read of your school name, jumping for joy when they did, yay, off to make snow angels or snowmen or just go play out in the snow. No, technology for distraction. Just pure outside fun. The snow made us free!!

    Ah....yes....:sigh:...... :)