Monday, September 19

Beatrice May Lee 1998-2011 R.I.P.

Sunday morning catbird calling
meadow twisted from deer nesting shadows
ghosts of sunlight lowering among golden rod
the old pathways loose as kite tails

where you used to run ahead
kicking loose stones from underfoot
more mare and part dog or bolt of lightening
the hilltop naked without you there turning

everyone wants me to write something about you
so here goes:

we slept on the floor last night and I hoped you would die there
I slept light and maybe you did because, gosh, this was different.
Did you hear me breathing? Did I snore?
We hardly moved, slept in stasis

we woke to it raining outside
we woke to your least favorite weather
on our least favorite weekday
worse is the time remaining


  1. Gina,
    I am so, so sorry for your loss. Bea was a special girl. All of our love is with you today.

    Our love is with you everyday,
    Mandie, Roy, Bruce and Lil

  2. Dear Gina,

    All my love is being sent your way. I have kept you and Bea close to my heart. Especially in recent days.
    Bea will forever be in your heart, and her spirit beside you each and every day.

    many hugs and love, Grace xo

  3. Gina, your poem and your words bring the tears here to me. She was so very special.... dearest sweetest Bea. I so wish I could just hug you. The pain of your loss is something I have anticipated so often with Sindy. I just dread it. My love and thoughts are with you and will be for the weeks to come.

    Bea. The best friend you could have every wished for. At least her spirit can run free of her poor, tired body now xxx

  4. not easy of course, and Val and Grace and Mandy: you and your pooches are in my thoughts.

  5. Oh Gina, I have thought of you repeatedly throughout the day, often with tears in my eyes. We have all known your sweet Bea a from our days blogging with Pete- almost six years now, and I feel like she was a part of our big blogger family. I lost my first puppy love Sheba in 2004, and it broke my heart, so I know what must ache in yours right now.

    Lots of love sent your way, and yes, like Val said, she is free of pain and running free in spirit. And we will all miss her forever. She was a great girl.


  6. Hi Gina,
    What sad, sad news.

    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, even so many days late.

    I wish I had the words to make it better, but I don't. I'm not sure they exist.



  7. I posted something here a week or two ago, but it did not work. All in all, I am so sorry about your loss of that fine friend dog of yours. It is not easy. It made us wait many years to try having a dog again after we lost our last. Take care...


  8. This is so sad, but what a lovely tribute.

  9. Thanks everyone. Strange that nearly a month has passed. My life has been less rich and more crappy, but that's life without a dog. xo