Saturday, October 15

wouldn't it be the windiest day ever

oi, I was going to go hiking in a protected forest along the lake shore but the winds here howl and high five it to raise the roof.

funny is, I'd made a wish a few years ago for a certain something but I've only realized .... the impossible is going to fill my ears very soon. Feeling a bit silly for forgetting .... now I sound looney but I don't give a rats.

I'll say to the blustery winds, to the colorful leaves now blown asunder out onto the great lake, thank you from my heart and may two yellow leaves find your own hands most tender in relief.


  1. Gina,
    It looks like an amazing hiking spot, and the lake and shoreline right there too. A slice of heaven. I would be so there.

  2. sounds like the signs of winter are approaching with the winds on the lake.

    Never looney Gina, hope for that certain something.

    I remember the leaves falling from the trees in fall, leaving them bare, awaiting Old man winter. We have a season change, but not llike the spectacular way it does your way.

  3. Hi Gina,

    I can't post above on todays post.
    So, I ll post here.

    I can't believe its been a month.

    I love this photo of you and Bea. Sweet, sweet.

    ((hugs)) xox

  4. Lovely post, Gina. I see, hear and feel the autumn winds.