Monday, October 3

the wrestling match

There's a daughter and a mother and I'm the best of one of them. Time and nothing changes a thing between us. Gaping holes as sure as windless nights, empty boxes, and wooden stairs set us free.

Sorry to be abstract. I really am. The attempt to write is proof there was an idea that made sense, it wound it's way around my thinking cap and came out as it did. The idea is still here, influenced by the time I spent with my mom tonight. I made dinner over to her place. That I was standing in her kitchen preparing the meal, and she was there determined to help with something, made her smile more pleased than I have seen in all my life.


  1. That's fantastic Gina. That makes me smile too.
    A mother smiling with pride and love at her daughter, doesn't get better than that.

  2. Loved reading this! You are indeed one of the best.


  3. Lovely post, Gina. Your mum, you, a kitchen and a meal. Her pleasure is transmitted through your words. And yes, you are one of the best, not just of these two!