Sunday, November 6

thank you

L.G., and everyone. The sun is shining today and the wind is high and who was I to think, yes...scatter in the playing field, then in the meadow some, then where I'm not allowed to say. But I heard her, and she doesn't want to go from me. Not today because the school to the playing field is closed (it's Sunday) and not tomorrow to commemorate what would have been her thirteenth birthday, and not ever.

I have to find an urn and one I can hold some times. I believe I will need to move again in spring because this flat costs a mint, and I'll move likely where I can't have a dog because that is the way the world works. 

Bea and I were lucky for a while.


  1. This is so touching, Gina. I have tears on my cheeks. I hope you find an urn you can

  2. GIna,
    I hope the world works so that you can know a dog's love again if you want to. Sweet Bea will always be with you, because once they wrap themselves around your heart, they never let go.


  3. Gina, you and Bea were lucky for a lifetime. That bond never leaves the heart.

    hope u find that special urn. that special place.