Thursday, December 22

two steps back

skeeter is with me only one month and I realized this without a blink. no fanfare, just the bulk of expectation. he has been with me one month the 19th, and only in the digs here for three weeks (this Sunday). we've had little peace time. crate this, soft (puppy) stool that, to the vet again... this poor guy. he is the sweetest animal, we stretch together. grateful, if animals can experience this, I believe for the recognition I applied in seeing him for the first time.

happy holidays or whatever you impose on yourself and family (if you have family). there are some families I would like to be a mouse in the corner for (rather than sit at the table) over the holidays.

time I went to work.


  1. good morning Gina.

    Oh, I believe Skeeter is very grateful for his stretch time with you, your love, your life, for whatever you share with him!

    Have a good day at work.

  2. I have always believed shelter dogs just know. Their gratitude is real, deep, and eternal.

    Have yourself some happy holidays too. I'm going to do some extra shifts at the local shelter just to spread the love, and not my waistline.


  3. Gina, is Skeeter still with you? If so, I am glad for you both. Dogs are love and he needs yours. Am thinking of you at this time xxx