Wednesday, January 4

New Year slow beginnings

Oi, nothing special but down time. Hump day and I have a dog in Skeeter has some freaky cachingy condition (yeah). He sleeps a lot for a pup. honestly. he's poorly.

Good thing and grateful I'm home still for a few more days.

Most thrilling news is I'm still a bit of a slut OR I kissed a stranger the other night with such comic relief I wish I could go back to follow my thoughts through the murk: is this love, is this anything at all, is this pointless, why is it grand, world go away, is he a murderer, no please let's not stop.

But we stopped and the world didn't go away, and mainly I would like to make it to Wales in May or in June and have enough mullah to take my friend Jonathan to Spain. Is that so much to ask? Is that spoiled? Once a year, dip in the med, say hello to friends, rent a car, up to the mountains, back to Wales, then back to America? Shame I would need to return. Pitiful I cannot afford to front Jonny.

What about the dog? This is a dog I can hand off no problem and he would adjust. He is an adjuster. He is forever the foster dog, the adaptable, the hurt to be hurt. I know this dog.

coffee is burning.

Oi, my list of resolutions is so superficial I won't share them here.

I will admit I hate the holidays. awful. painful. Now I can focus not on the family I lack, the people I do not have. whew. Makes me not like American Christianity. shallow.

Went through the east side of Detroit the first Tuesday after the holiday and I said in the car that the holiday had to have sucked there, the pressure to give a gift, to prepare a meal, to have enough for others, just crazy. Entirely not about Jesus. If you need proof, take a drive.

happy happy joy joy!


  1. Hold on to the thought of that holiday!! Sounds just wonderful! And if kissing strangers is sluttish then all Dutch folks are deep in slutsville :)

  2. I think Val is right- dreaming of faraway lands is the perfect way to swing into 2012. All the best, Gina! xx

  3. Happy New Year Gina.

    Skeeter is lucky to have you, that you give him love. Some dogs are just that, Adjusters.

    I think it's exciting to kiss a stranger, what the heck!! Guess I would be in the same category then. (although haven't done so recently).
    Dreaming.....what would we have if we didn't dream. Awesome plans I think!
    ps: I have no home computer right now. :(


  4. how is the new year treating you Gina, and Skeeter?