Sunday, April 29

when my own money is not my own money

Oh, since a long time ago I have had a terrible relationship with a credit union. I had come from out of town, from overseas, and it was with four grand that I'd approached them with at the time but they treated me as though I'd crossed a desolate border and thus I was required to have a cosigner on my own m-curse wording account for six curse wording months. 

They got used to me, but truly it's not easy for me to find a cosigner. I don't have an emergency contact. I am it and I am sick of the discrimination I experience every time I must explain. 

Back to the horrid credit union...

The times I've gone out of town, over the years, I would need always to inform the CU of my leave in advance. (Paranoid practice filters into the US banking system.) There was a time I did inform them, yet I experienced a walk of shame of sorts (night before  conference, my card with denied at a grocery store and the walk back to the hotel in flat shoes and on an empty stomach ran California blocks in length).

So, I recently left a position and moved (blah blah blah) which allowed me to pay off a Visa card. Before any applause comes, a certain deposit was made into the credit union I'm complaining about and my setting up an electronic final payment to the awful Visa card is being...of course, of course, QUESTIONED.

Let me end on a positive note: it will be, after phone calls, paid off. And you can bet, the credit union is history too.

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  1. YAY! applause is coming your way Gina. Oh to pay off the evil credit card Company is such a relief and a huge boulder off the shoulder.
    And, with the Credit Union too. :). That's awesome. It's a tough one to do, I'm working on it, you get "this close", then something happens, then you get "this close" again, they gotcha by the ..lls ;).
    But I am very happy for you. I can imagine the feeling of relief. yeeesss!