Monday, May 7

Avoiding turning superficial

I still need to go shopping. In my dark years, I got rid of nearly every piece of clothing. I wore depression clothes, truly, to work under the guise that no one would notice the same shirt worn near everyday. I was creative, but still.

The move to North Carolina pressed both my ignorance and myself against time: there were priorities burning the ends of my fingers, why not assume NC was just hot all the time?

I about shed all my warm clothing left with such little room for items in the car; yet, there are four seasons in NC. Four, but with a brief winter. Relief is relief and in the depression era getting rid of things (all the stories I wrote during a certain graduate program, books written by assholes, clothing touched by assholes, then more clothing as I did not want to be seen as attractive) ran so deep I could only come clean through renewal.

And here I am.

I do hate shopping, but under my nose comes the memory of when I first smelled Blue by RL. I was under paid then and I had no one worth one penny himself to buy such a thing for me. But here upon my renewal am I ever going to attract bees in spring.

Oh, I do love me some Blue.


  1. You should have asked about the weather- it's a bit like all the quaint folks who go to San Francisco expecting endless summer, no? ;)

    I have to tell you, I love the new profile pic. Très chic, ma chère!

  2. Starting fresh, especially when that fresh attracts bees, is always fun!
    Go with it and enjoy every moment.


  3. Go with it Gina!!
    Bees attract more honey....that came to mind , whatever that means ;.
    Get some Blue, embrace the new seasons:)