Tuesday, June 26

Atlantic Beach briefly

I am impatient as a child to see a new place. Back talked the number of franchises along 70 the other side of the Croatan National Forrest. And I was pure heaving sigh and grump by the time I finally parked the car and scooted the 73lb puppy outside to stretch his legs. Last time Skeeter sees the ocean given he's too readily over stimulated (the pinch of footage here is cut short given his tug on my left arm). At least we got there and back. Perhaps I will sleep tonight. The ocean looked brown. Maybe shark stirred.


  1. yes mam. Cape Fear is, I believe, the southernmost point.

    I saw my house on the Sound though. wow.

  2. So skeeters first ocean?
    I am not bringing up the video for some reason.
    Did he like it?
    I l come back later to see if it comes up.

  3. oh I see it now. Wonderful. The waves, the sand, the bird, the pull of Skeeter, oh come on lets investigate.
    I just love the ocean, I always have. It brings such inner peace.
    Great Video, more trips to the Atlantic I think!! ;)x

  4. The first summer I met Austin, he lived in NC and we went to the Outerbanks for a weekend. I thought that at least if I had to be the one to move, the beach would always be close by. It is a wonderful place.

    1. so Austin is or maybe he isn't a Carolinian. well, I'll be a sea shell.

      Not sure why I have turned silly, but I have.

      wonderful place it can be, the o-b.