Saturday, June 16


What really happened:

Skeeter's adrenal glands needed to be expressed, and so the gracious vet (she rocks!) had hand sex with him in a room opposite mine. She called me mother. "Mother can wait in here." The drag is his stool has been soft since I've known him. Fiber is low in his food and I was named not mother of the year, but a good doggy mama because  of the way I knew he was lacking: he'd reach to eat grass clippings. Not the same, and only good doggy mamas really know, as when a dog eats grass because their stomach is upset.

Skeeter hails from the abandoned wilds of Michigan, and his early story becomes clearer and clearer to me every day. I understand he knew people intermittently. He would have hung around except the person at a time would not come back. Could be he had been around meth users. He surely ran through forest, he's been fed fast food or he's just taken it, and he's ridden in the cab of a truck. All this adventure and away from living in a pack, he ended up a flea bag with round worm. And it's mainly all this backstory that he is still in a situation. No, he isn't poorly or anything. Just his small intestine going into his bladder is needing relief and so hopefully I'll get him to where he can express himself on his own. He won't need a lady vet wearing white and bearing a tube of KY jelly to confound him.

Here we are at play:


  1. Vets are wonderful and should have medals. I would not want to put my hands where they often need to. So glad Skeeter has you now. I have the impression the bond is growing xxx

  2. what a fun video!

    My last Brittany needed her anals expressed periodically, she had good stool, just needed a little help once in awhile. She came to me @6months. And I remember the first time the Vet had to "express", he turned to me and said, I can teach you how to do it, so you can do it at home. I thanks, I ll just bring her in. There's no way.
    You guys look like you have alot of fun together. He sure looks happy. xo

  3. Skeeter is so stunningly beautiful. I have such a soft spot from brindles, and rescues, and he is both.

    You are his angel, and I can see that he absolutely adores you. He is going to live a joyful life with you, and I'm so chuffed for both of you.