Sunday, June 24


it's Sunday and I'm dragging. It's been a challenging week at work, late hours, and then emotionally the press here have been particularly and extremely difficult. Of the three comments I had left to respond to a particular story (there were nearly 1,000 comments in the end) reported in the NY Times, only one was approved. I must have written a jumble of upset.

I wish I had someone to hang around with even though I've never quite had much of that outside of when I was in college and truly I had no one most of the time to hang around with. Long winded of me to explain I went to Raleigh yesterday to Quail Ridge Books and Music Store on Wade Street, and I did to take signed bookmarks for my friend Bonnie Jo. I inserted these into her Once Upon A River (national bestseller) and I was received with as open arms the staff can be. I was shown around a lovely space of an independent bookstore that's been in business coming up 28 years. I saw reading chairs I envied (I so want two such chairs). Bookcases lined with every display and type of book; they had French magazines and I saw Patty Smith was writing on Virginia Woolf which I wish I could have read because, I'm sorry but....).

And I am off to the beach today solomente. Nothing unusual as nearly every visit to Lake Michigan I did so on my own. Always on my own.

I need the quiet and then the sounds of the water. For the record, I have the ability to hear still images, and most readily the flow of water. From where life has been captured, from photographs, I can hear the breeze through leaves and grasses. I can hear traffic and shoes and brakes and whistles. Sounds from still images. Big whoop, but when one sound comes to mind strong enough and without a still image to provoke it, seems to me a desire needs to be fulfilled. Waves.


  1. Queue entrance dog into scene.

    Dogs were created to stop humans being alone; dogs are always there for you, and if not, they need you there for them.

    I have to say, though, that a busy dog is not good for hearing stillness...I know.

    Your post touched me, Gina. I feel your solomente state, so I am very glad you have Skeeter. I used to feel alone often before I got Sindy, but since then, never. Not if she is with me. She annoys me as often as she charms me, but her love and devotion are the best. I wish you had someone to hang out with tho'. You will. In time.

  2. It is interesting to me how many of us who met on Pete's blog are water-girls. I live 3 blocks from Lake Ontario, and need it near me to keep me grounded. A funny idea since water is not solid like earth, but I often wander down just to let the waves and the smell of the surroundings put me in a better frame.

    Enjoy yourself, Gina. i totally get where you are coming from.

  3. U make an interesting point Anne Marie. So many of us are water girls. Wonder that significance?
    Gina, the water has always brought me peace. I enjoy my alone time, it is a very strong virgo trait.
    In time u will have more companys u are new to ur new place. Who wouldn't want to. Please excuse my typos, iPad is giving me difficulty in correcting. Or....I don't know how! Yet.
    Enjoy your company.
    As a young one, first with my drivers license, I would dive to the jersey shore, and sit either on the sand, or on the boardwalk and enjoy the sounds and peace.