Saturday, June 2

Saturday Morning

A little movie. But first, oi! Skeeter, we were  outside and I had him trailing me, looking to my chin (actually at his favourite ball which is a smaller football (soccer)) and then I threw it not too far so he could fetch dragging his lead and return to me. Of course, the clown scared me half out of my uncomfortable skin. Me raising my voice! There's a highway at the top of the lawns here, which I just dred. No more of us going to the ground's fenced dog park given the rampant parasitic issues. There's a microchip in his future (mid month). Still, scream out SKEETER over and over and do so wearing a bathrobe out in the open on a green space, on the most idyllic mornings (birds freely chatting, a breeze coming through, the humidity so light you're not in the south of the united states yet most perfectly you are). Here's something from when we got back and settled.


  1. Inverted Skeeter shies way. What a pretty boyo.

  2. oh he is just a big ole Mama's boy!!

    Dog parks are not great, you are a great dog owner, but there are so many bad dog owners out there. Best to avoid dog parks.

    That Skeeter is so loved, I see your bond. xox

    1. Hi Gina, what a precious movie and so glad you and Skeeter are doing so well there. Big hugs!