Saturday, September 29

The pooch hails, but don't call me ma'am

Hasn't my life or your own life come down to work, animal/child care, more work? Gosh I remember the person I was meant to be and dipping and diving around a loose, 77lb animal (found out he is boxer and American Foxhound, and he is so much boxer that like an old woman who has young hair...if she just wouldn't turn around, you'd know no better) the idealist came back out.
     In the photos, I would love to have had him wear a gown like the ones I have been made to wear to endure countless bullshit observations. It's enough to make a gal smoke a cig and I would do this except I honestly cannot breathe around them. Massive pre lung cancer warning I suspect. Gargantuan.
     But Skeeter lost his shorts mid afternoon Thursday and I mean he left me two cowpie-sized droppings for questioning. EXAMPLE: "What the hell are you doing inside of my dog to come out of him like this?"
     Cleaning away I did and I returned to the office where I work to work to keep on working, to keep on working; cut to the short story, of course I was to get home to find that the sickly pooch had EATEN the next dispatch which made him hurl and hurl and hurl all over the apartment.
     How many issues of the New York Times does it take to save carpeting? (Note ANOTHER reason to subscribe to a hard copy newspaper.) Well, I wasn't laughing at the time. The place smelled like a Russian prison; I mean that I could nearly see the interior walls had changed from boring white to morose and dank concrete brick with damp running down and rats not far away. I am a seer for what it's worth. But in the dank morose interior appeared the glow of a cell phone and the number to the emergency vet (we like them).
     Whatever he had, likely behavioral (in that he is stark blank in love with me), with forti flora, oatmeal, pumpkin, and amoxicilian (sp), he is saved solid. Wonderful thing he did at the vet before we left, given I was dinged walking in and I was dinged walking out (actually it wasn't that bad except I know the actual cost of the antibiotic and it's nothing near what we were charged), Skeeter the lovely dog URINATED in the entryway of the waiting area. So, ideally the wonderful people had to move a mop, perhaps wondering what happened to their original self to explain: It's okay (don't call me) ma'am. We'll clean it up.
     And then I should just give a shout out to the Rug Doctor. It's the machine of all rug machines, and it's one way to spend a Thursday night.


  1. OH, Skeeter. Feel better. Oh, Gina! You too.

  2. Thank you for making me smile with this wonderful tale telling. I am experiencing all sorts of gift giving from two of my cats- one because he is a forgetful, weak old geezer of 18, and the other because she is a hard-done-by little miss who likes to be outside and resents her mama's day job that never used to be.

    Whiskey, on the other hand, is saved by a sweet young neighbourhood who used to call me Madame when she was in grades 4 and 6, but is now finding it hard to get a job despite all sorts of massive educational letters after her name, and delights in spoiling him at lunch. The dog day care has also praised him to high heaven, when he goes once a week.

    I love that Skeeter loves his mama- every dog should know such a beautiful thing at least once in their lives. He is for-ge-ous, and yes, the boxer shape. Wow.

  3. Oh the joys of a pet....the unexpected "clean up". Summer had a bout of Colitis a couple months ago, and it was much the same (she just couldn't contain herself).
    Oh, and yes, being called M'am, oy. The Vet has probably mopped up lots of pee. I have seen it done a bunch at our Vets.

    Of course Skeets, loves his Mama(not to be confused with M'am ;) lol.) He's a good boy, and your a great Mom!
    Ironically, I don't used Doggie Day Care but have a great Kennel should I go away, and they praise June for being one of the best dogs to board. (Summer gets not such a great praise).

  4. Gina, I can't help it! I was smiling so broadly at your tale - so well told too! It reminded me so much of similar episodes when Sin was a young one, and boy did she embarrass me at times, dropping dumpsters in shopping malls, historic squares and the like. Poor you, though, I really feel for you and hope he feels a whole heap (pardon the pun) better too soon. Hugs! xx