Sunday, October 21

A day to learn about waves

Honestly the weather here is the envy of itself and I wanted to go to the ocean (not sure what in me changed that we didn't). Managed to walk along the mushed up sandy shore of the Tar River and I like a dog's blunt demonstration of what's on his mind. Rather Gandhi but while wearing his mother's version of S&M gear Skeeter needed to be reminded what a wave is. Or, Skeeter is scared of waves. Or, the ghostly presence of lives lost in Floyd made him at four feet above river level arch out and away from the waves pushed by a boat going by. As though he had never seen waves before, the visual not catching up with the sound of the water lapping against the bank, the smells from everything that walked before us. 

There really is nothing else, except we looked at a house on a road off Hwy 33 and we wondered why with all the land around here planners cobble houses just far too close in the land of trees. 

I am reading Lunatic Heros and I thought I would be finished by now but interruption after distraction and here I am typing on blogger and already tomorrow it will be Monday. 


  1. "the weather here is the envy of itself". Brilliant, Gina. That gave me the biggest smile I'm sure I'll have today. I love this piece of writing, and you have captured 'dog' so well.Hope Monday isn't too bad. We were promised sun today. It's peeking through the mist, but not what I'd call convincing.

  2. ps: June is scared of waves. veeres away from the water rushing upon the sand. Summer on the other hand, is completely fearless of water, and waves, "it's water"..."I am in it"! She one time was out there in the ocean just a swimming away as the waves took her further and further away, she was happy as a clam, I am calling and c alling, and finally she made it onshore, but she was like, why'd you stop me swimming?

  3. ooh, I remember that store about Summer. Scares me to hear it! ;-)

  4. Oh you do. it scares me to think of it.