Sunday, October 14

running free

This is only funny if you can play it backwards. Skeeter running free. He's a super model dog. He's leggy and slight and then he has a brindle coat that every superficial being comments on his beauty. The dog park is neat. Skeeter cries operatic upon my driving up to it. When hurricane floyd lingered and poured down all the rain in the world, the houses that used to be right in the area flooded to the rooftops.

If I ever have a chance to buy a house, albeit I dream of a house on the Pamlico Sound, there's a lot of meadowland around here I completely love. I am a sucker for seeing eight shades of grass color.

We've only just discovered the ecu west research campus (a road shot below) which is actually vast with all kinds of roadways (this one is called Hotel Street, don't ask me why), meadow and forest. Today was hot and so I should have arranged for us to go in the morning. I will take my bike out there on my own and not feel guilty for not taking him, so I can learn the campus. I understand there are packs of dogs. Cyotes, the red wolf, bear. Maybe a motorbike is the way to roll. I was awfully angry by the appearance of fat creepy looking fly trying to bite skeeter.  By creepy, the fly was striped and larger than a horsefly. Skeeter thought I was trying to swat him with the polka dot patterned canvass bag. I got the fly, I did. damn thing. I was screaming like Skeeter's rump was on fire. Hard to believe I had ever took to the woods!


  1. Fat creepy looking flies are for swatting.

  2. Your meadowlands look and sound great, Gina. But take care there, girl. Packs of dogs can be as scary as anything.

  3. beautiful, and beautiful Skeeter.
    Yes, be very careful out there on your own in the wide open spaces.
    I have been stalked once by a Coyote, and my last Brittany whilst on a hike, she was up ahead, a Coyote came straight out of a bush chasing her, me in tow screaming and yelling, we were both ok, but it was a close call.
    love the video