Monday, October 8

Tiger: reacurring dream

Ever have one of those dreams where you're in the dream and you realise you've returned to the neighborhood, to the neighbor-friend, to the very SUV inside of which yes the tiger would like to get out? Then you wake wondering what set off the previous, original dream where you vaguely recall feeling surprised by the tiger whereas in this instance you were not especially surprised  to see the tiger because the surroundings were familiar and the kind of friend was familiar and you rather know what set it off and that life in fact is short, you do not need to be reminded how short, for anything about you to change?

Even to wake you up in the middle of it all, perhaps to discover it's your dog, that brindle you'd rescued, hovering eager to hump you before falling into his own blissful sleep?


  1. Dreams! They do some weird things to you. In dreams there are no boundaries, nothing is beyond belief and everything can be explained...until you wake up! Love the ending, Gina. This time your dream was easily explained!

  2. I have not had that dream about a tiger, but I have had that dream. My reaction was "Hello, dead boy, what to you have to say this time? What dirt are you tracking into the kitchen of my childhood home on your cold, cold boots?"

  3. I dream all the time, even had them analyzed many years ago. I understand them now. I have alot of time displacement dreams. I studied Carl Jung. its very involved.
    Smiling at the end of your post. ah, all explained. funny how the mind works.
    Our dreams can tell us heaps.