Tuesday, December 25

A Moment by the Sea

Probably it is snowing wherever you are, but today here where I am it was warm and sunny; in fact, the sun came out to sincerely dry everyone's tears had everyone been crying. & I remembered we could go look at the ocean. (I do wish I lived closer to it.)

Lovely people were on the shore. Skeeter had fun and he made me laugh, which I needed.


  1. Happy video, loved hearing you laugh, the sound of the sea and Skeeter being so adorable.

    It is rainy and cold here. So glad you enjoyed a warm sunny day :).

  2. Skeeter is a godsend, Gina. I'm glad he made you laugh. He is quite a clown, isn't he? It's bright here today, which is what we desperately need. Lots of love. xxx

  3. You did need to laugh, Gina! And it was honoured. Skeeter, too!
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day! xx

  4. The healing sounds of the water and of laughter. Perfect combo, you and Skeeter too.