Saturday, December 15

Yowl to the dog park

I like the footage also because it appears as though I am driving on the left side of the road. Happens that I can turn the phone's camera lens around. Ignore the car radio (sorry, but I had listened to The The near to death). There's another song being sung. 


  1. a little singalong to Van Halen for the ride to the Dog Park.
    Aww, you two.
    Smiles and happiness. love it!!!
    Skeeter is saying, come on mama, drive faster. dog park dog park dog park dog park.

    sweet video Gina.

  2. Would that he'd jump out at the first corner and beat you there! Happy Skeeter!
    And David Lee Roth to accompany ...

  3. Och, this is precious. Skeeter is singing along too. Love it! Beautiful Skeeter and lovely Gina. What a combo. You should be singing too :-)