Monday, February 4

depression counts with laughter, too

I believe it came on the early part of December and there's nothing seasonal about the link. There's the reality of a crappy life. I do imagine about everyone's life is crappy, though. I mean, I cannot imagine handling the dependent demands of someone I'm to find attractive. Giving life to a person. The work of caregiver to all. What a load of b.s.

Something struck me though as I did have a great time out. FINALLY. I was shown the rock underbelly of Greenville. I had a great time. Except I am so well isolated (have been forever) it's only a wish I could participate in some way. Besides all that I noticed something. Something comes up funny, as in humorous, and while my friend, say, is laughing I am laughing to a tune of finding the very thing much, much more funny. It's like the depression lit a flint.

The next day I feel fine, I feel great. Laughter is to depression what water is to thirst. Keep it coming. I dare someone to find I truly mean a great deal to them. Likewise, take note of the b.s. you cause. 


  1. Gina, just read your last post and now this one. Depression takes a variety of strange forms. Like my writing insecurity..ha! Anyhow, laughter? Yes, laughter really works for me too. I love your analogy. Like water to thirst. I'll remember that! Hope you get many, many more chances to laugh uproariously!

  2. I love your laugh! I'm sorry you're down; I wish there was something I could do. Maybe I'll start bombarding you with pictures of dogs? <3

  3. laughter is the best medicine. My parents, always taught us to laugh, we watched comedy, my Mom was a bit of a comedian. better to laugh than cry my parents told us. I dont find much to laugh about this new year, my life has taken a bit of a bad turn.
    BUT for you going out and laughing and having fun....excellent. Keep it up Gina. keep the laugh in your life. xo

  4. Oy, I've missed so much of you being sick and working on my book. Laughing is better than any drug.So are dogs and sunshine. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best. xx