Friday, February 1

depression only when it counts

Went to the dentist and albeit I have no cavities I do have periodontal disease. Profound neglect by my legal guardian (never a visit to the dentist) and then years of poverty led to this. Switching jobs, oh it's a long story, I ended up having to wait nearly a year to see a dentist (for that open enrollment) and still should they want to tug out a back tooth I will need to wait a whole more year before the insurance I put out for every paycheck will cover that tug.

Kind of depressing on a scale.

But I went to the dentist and to do this I completed forms and I answered "yes" to depression because whose to know whether the disease in my mouth might be contributing to weary weary emotions?

Turns out, according to the facial expression on the dentist (from behind a mask so I was seeing her eyes; but the eyes are the windows to the soul). I'm looking into mirrors of the deepest held beliefs. She asks about the depression but primarly she affirms, "so you are taking medications."
I am not and I am won't to do it.

But interesting to me (as I am one to find lots of things interesting) is the leap that one is depressed if formally prescribed an anti-depressant. When if those buggers are working for a person, blooming them out physically like a christmas tree and then muting the spikes as a pillow over a mouth, that person is not depressed. They are not.

The real question would be: have you been prescribed....did you crumple up....

It'll go away. Swimming is kind of good.

I'm taking my depression out tonight for a bit of square dancing, beer and an open mic on comedy. yay!

Watch out for small mindedness.

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  1. that night out sounds like a great way to defend depression. mucho fun.
    Well, they do say, that whatever is going on with your teeth has so many effects on the body and mind.
    much love xo