Sunday, February 24

fleeting begins with an F

Ooh I had a cool birthday, but now it's back to days that are not my birthday. life after the party, as it were. the back of the closet where the socks never match. I tossed out bags of pointless stuff, unearthed things of cardboard and other stuff once held meaning. deleted 445 emails. still cannot think straight. cannot focus. it's impossible. strange is to write the word impossible above a picture of someone who has only ever made me believe anything is possible. & I mean this truly. precious. personal. fuck you...that was mouthed to me at the concert. 

Fuck you, a fan mouthed to me. He was entranced but not enough apparently by Who Are You. A tall man, heavyset (fair enough), swaying and mouthing the lyrics thankfully sung by Roger Daltrey. I smiled (and grinned at the change all around me) and the man mouthed "fuck you" with scorn in his eyes straight at me.  (me!).

I thought it was funny.

This concert made up for me passing out at Roger Water's show of The Wall back on July 14. I took my friend Kim along to see the Who and when I told Pete the story of me passing out there he laughed with understanding I was making up for lost fun with Kim. (Kim was with me in July, rode in the ambulance, etc.). I won't go into a thing more except this photo was taken by Kim before the concert and conversation followed.

Now I am here with a retrieved Skeeter and the dog is blowing wind so bad I wish completely he would do this to that loser (you know the one). 


  1. Firstly I missed your birthday. Happy belated wishes Gina. met Pete!! How did you get back stage for this one? Wow wow. Wow.

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  3. One of the best birthdays I've ever had ... and it wasn't even mine!

    Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

  4. DelPico ... ! ... Kimberlie!!! OF COURSE!!!!

    Sorry to be so guarded (you know I am). ha

    it happened. there. I should let it fly, whatever "it" is.

  5. GinaBea and the Man. Beautiful and perfect! Both of you. As for the f-bomb, I know who you mean - I think. xx

  6. Belated happy birthday. Lovely photo of the two of you.

  7. Oh my, I missed this totally! I'm so sorry, Gina, but this is just a gorgeous photo - of both of you! And yes, a very vey belated birthday wish, dear one. My deepest regrets that I didn't do it on the day. We've had a few incidents here, as you might say. K is hospital and stuff. It sort of rocked me for a while and I missed a few loops. Lots of love, Gina, and you look just beautiful - well, not surprising cos you are!