Sunday, May 19

Garden feat

These gardens grow quick. Spring rains and NC sun, incorporating garden soil and earth worms, straightening up the netting, stakes, and then twine (handiest stuff) have ended up making things look possible. Every day a new surprise (I should have a strawberry or two soon).

These are the tomato plants. A few different kinds. Cherry and yellow ones, and queen something. Some should be ripe when I travel north for a visit. 

The garden beans should be in full swing (I hate to leave them long in fact, but I will for that one visit). Going to add a black mulch in a couple of weeks. My community garden neighbors tend to use mulch to lock out the weeds but the purpose of mulch is to retain moisture. Better to weed a garden and introduce earth worms into the mix. I wish I had preying mantis though. They are cool. They eat the nastiest bugs. 

Part of a row of lima bean plantings above here; you can't see it but, these are starting to want to climb. I have netting rigged up for the garden beans a little different from this "method" given I am learning as I go. 

For instance, this is what a watermelon planting looks like. You can't see it, but it's in a mound of soil. I planted some watermelon seeds. I should have two plants in the end. I planted summer squash and kale, too. I might have room for beets and brussel sprouts (for the fall). That is then.

This is now.


  1. Oh, I suddenly wish I had an even bigger yard. Good luck with it!

  2. Oh Gina, this sounds so exciting! I would love to have a bit of room for vegetables, but my little patch on the dijk is too stony. I need to make a nice vegetable patch and build it up, but that needs time and being in one place too. I am a split personality - half in the city and half in the country :-)

  3. And your garden grows. :).
    Beautiful, and nothing like your own fruit and.veggies right off the vine.