Saturday, June 15

exciting times (not very) but gardening all the same

In trying to approach life as though I am lucky, I present the garden and its harvest. I am lucky to garden, to have more green beans than one person can eat, to have the start of yellow cherry tomatoes (funny), to have one strawberry. There's a rabbit it seems that is feasting on the strawberries and it leaves the gardeners one. This one here would have been my third from the plant except the critter got the berry before me. Never leave a strawberry on the vine for it to redden too deeply. I feel lucky for that lesson.

Lima Bean Pod

Watermelon watered and reaching

tomatoes up the wazoo

today's harvest

Half a duffle bag of beans

A dog seconds from lying down for a doze

Washing the beans on the patio
The whole bunch


  1. Hi Gina,
    It is so wonderful to have your own garden. Nothing like fresh off the vine, without all the hands that touch it before they hit the shelves of the supermarket.
    Handsome skeeter.
    I remember years ago having a garden not fenced in, and I had just put out buffet for the deer and rabbits!
    Enjoy your fresh delights.


  2. These fruits from your garden are just lovely, Gina. I am envious of your home grown fare - even the single strawberry! A friend of mine has an allotment (volkstuintje here) and she gave me a huge bung of rhubarb at the weekend. It was just delicious!

  3. Love that you're doing this for yourself. I also adore the photo of Skeeter. What a beautiful big boy he is. x