Monday, March 17

Gosh, I haven't been on here in like ... FOREVER

Happy nearly spring. What a crappy, hard knocks winter. I've turned into a bitch and I'm not even up north where I know people I love and miss are cold and aching and dry and tired and working, working, working. Strip come the sun, my friends. Peel it off!

Your stories will be better than anyone anywhere else. Write them down quick before all the snow melts.

My life isn't what I wished for. Nothing close. That statement about being careful what you wish for couldn't be more of a lie in fact. Phooey! Most I can see of myself is that I think I may make it to die okay. There's a house to finally have (to walk inside and drop a bag and sigh deeply in relief because I have a space I belong in; that kind of a thing), and working to pay that off, with beneificaries on this and that (did I spell that wrong? oops!), and that's it. I'd like to have a house to leave to someone.

I am convinced that when I have such a perch I will write the big, fat book. No rush.

Finger's crossed my 140 character poem get's picked up for the anthology. I did win first place for a DRAFT of a poem, "When We Are Old", at the Pamlico Writers Conference, and my poem "What Will Sit You Down" received honorable mention. Was a neat day. I made a prompt friend. (that has two meanings.) There's my poem "July 1973" coming out in the July online issue of the Blue Lake Review. I have more. So, there I go.


  1. Hi Gina,

    How cool is that winning first place. I don't see why you wouldn't, I think you are a great writer. And something published in the Blue Lake Review aswell. Awesome! congrats. This is excellent news.

    I am sorry to read that things in your life are not as you like. . I can relate with you on that one. I have yet to figure out how to put that all into place. I hope that you do.
    It is nice to see you here. I do visit visit this here place, Blogger. And Val has made me aware that comments aren't being allowed on my Blog. I really don't know why. I have gone over and over them, and it is open for commenting, so I am stumped. I am probably not linking something with something to correct it. (It seems everything online has to be linked these days, and I may be missing a step somewhere. ALthough I never changed anything to disallow, it has to be Google. (I would like to think so anyway, it usually is ME!!)

    Write more xox

  2. Hi Gina, nice to see you here, dear one. Congratulations on your poetry successes/ Fantastic! I think you are a born poet. I find it difficult to keep up with people on FB. My presence there is too intermittent, so it's good to find you here where a post will stay put for a while and I can write a decent comment. I know the feeling about having a place to call your own. I finally have that and it's a relief, but it took until I was fifty! It's worth it when you find it though. I am now going to try and comment on Grace's post again :) xx

  3. I'd be really interested to see links to your poems if, as & when.

  4. A room of one's own will do wonders for your craft. Awaiting yours and Ian's writings, whenever they appear. I'm back blogging too, head spinning from to much of what I sometimes call in jest my anti-socializing. Looking forward to the return of warmth and the sun. Be well, and let's live like the dogs! Wag more, bark less.

  5. In response to AM's comment above, my writing blog will be here. Ignore the "adult content" warning. There really isn't any. But I do have very young nieces and there may be 18+ memories from time to time.